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Integrating Software Analysis & Measurement (SAM) in your outsourcing relationship lifecycle - from RFP preparation to contract development, team transition and benchmarking - is very important in order to objectively evaluate the reliability, security, efficiency, maintainability, and size of software deliverables.

We are here to help you improve the maturity in your outsourcing relationships to enhance performance and reduce risk.

how we can help

prior to outsourcing

we help you better manage your vendors with more insight by providing transparent measurement results which aims defining objetive SLA's for both parties before signing contracts.


Including software analysis outputs in RFP documentation is an important step in order to provide objective information about your vendor's software size, complexity and structural quality.


Benchmarking allows you to have a meaningful fact-based dialogue with vendors on opportunities for improvement and to measure their progress. We help you identify the vendors with the highest structural quality.


By using system level software analysis, we create a comprehensive blueprint of the entire application, creating documentation that is current and accurate which will guide you through transition process.

performance scorecards

Source code measurement outputs should be an important part of vendor performance score cards. 
We can help you evaluate the performance of vendors against SLAs and provide specific guidance with actionable lists.

continuous improvement

We help you use measurement as a way to ensure that in addition to making sure the new code is risk free and is of higher quality, the existing code base can be improved by setting improvement targets for the vendor.