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Application audit is a detailed examination of the source code of your applications, in order to reveal vulnerabilities that can lead to potentially debilitating breaches of security, robustness and performance. Source code analysis of applications automatically on a continuous basis can change the audit strategy from periodic reviews of a sample of transactions to ongoing audit testing of 100 percent of transactions.

Audit routines are performed not only at year-end but quarterly, monthly, daily in real time detecting frauds and enforcing corrective actions instantaneously, creating significant competitive advantage and unexpected benefits for the businesses.

Our experienced consultants will help you ensure the highest quality is in place.

our offerings


Eur15K/per audit


Eur50K/per audit

  • for large teams
  • up to 15m LoC
  • 100 < team members
  • Full Functionality
  • to be delivered in 7 to 15 days